Tempo 9 ELX, The Classic.

Tempo 9 ELX

The "Classic" of OMS production with hanging instrument hoses, well-known all over the world, characterized by an excellent price/quality relation, ergonomics and reliability. Dental Units for all treatment dentistry branches. Free standing installation & compact dimensions.

High standard quality of the materials:

  • Aluminium - Metal Sheet using for the chair.
  • Aluminium - Metal Sheet – Resin - Porcelain using for the support box.
  • Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Polyurethane using for the delivery system and assistant elements.
  • Connections into chair basement.
  • Floor Standing Chair and suspended support box.

The Dental Unit is an electrical pneumatic treatment unit equiped with:

  • Delivery System with 4 holders Instruments (Syringe + 3 dynamic instruments), with hanging hoses system type CONTINENTAL;
  • The Element is connecting with the water box by a spring self-balanced adjustable arm;
  • Sterilizable tray cover, handle, instrument support;
  • Touch Keypad for instruments with led;
  • controls for spittoon rinsing and cup filling with timer;
  • chair controls;
  • on\off lamp command (can be enabled automatic control);
  • Fixed porcelain spitton;
  • Assistant table equiped on articulated or pantographic arm like optional;
  • Assitant table 3 instruments holder (Syringe + 2 Suction)
  • Keyboard controls chair (manual + zero/rinsing/last positions);

Patient Chair model ARCADIA EXT with:

  • Floor standing Chair Version;
  • Standard Upholstery;
  • Syncronized Trendelenburg Movement;
  • Left armrest;

Foot Control designed smart and confortable usage;

  • Turbine Drive
  • Micromotor Dynamic and Chip Blower Drive
  • Scaler Drive
  • Chair Drive.
Tempo 9 ELX dental equipment with hanging hoses made by OMS SPA
Tempo 9 ELX dental equipment delivery system with hanging hoses made by OMS SPA
Tempo 9 ELX dental equipment with hanging hoses made by OMS SPA
Tempo 9 ELX dental equipment delivery system with hanging hoses made by OMS SPA

In detail

Tempo 9 ELX delivery system in ceramic and hanger hoses

It's is made of ceramic and without any interstice for a more  accurate disinfection. The control panel with display is protected by a sealed membrane for an easier cleaning of the surface.


External Clean Spray System made by OMS SPA

Sterile or distilled water can be optionally used instead of the city water by mounting a bottle with switch placed inside or outside the water group.


The result is only indicative and not binding on the company for any differences found in the actual product.


Tempo 9 ELX draws and dimensions

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